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The curving bus at Brussels Belgium

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The sweeper vehicle in Brussels Belgium

A vehicle that replaces the street sweeper. At first glance you will see an ordinary vehicle, but when I notice that it is slowly moving and there are movement and crushing noise under it, I behold and understand that it is an street sweeper that does the work of human street sweeper faster and better in lesser time.

The Effects of Continuous Hot Weather with No Rain Fall for Five months now

 The long hot weather that no rainfall for about five months had resulted to dam and rivers dried up. Water levels became deeper and drawing water from wells becomes difficult. Hopefully it will rain so th├ít vegetation will continue to grow and planting activities will resume again and continue.

Waiting in line for ATM withdrawal

 Tried waiting behind a withdrawing men or women who carried a lot of ATM cards to withdraw money. I waited for 10 minutes as next in line.

Cure cancer diabetes kidney lung and other chronic diseases

 Here is a natural remedy for your illness if you are suffering or before suffering from cancer, kidney failure, high blood pressure, diabetes and other diseases.  Taking two capsules daily will help improve your health, energy and appetite, it will slowly improve your body abnormalities as you continue to take it daily, no known side effects because it is all natural. You may leave your comment below for questions and inquiries. Click the pictures or this link if you want to buy the product and start becoming healthy .

Best Foliar Fertilizers Organic and Inorganic

The best and cheapest organic foliar fertilizer in town is 3K fertilizer , the cheapest and best inorganic fertilizer and foliar is chelated calcium . CLICK TO  BUY 3K FERTILIZER NOW 3K Fertilizer for healthier plants and soil , Anaa for continuous root and shoots development , Power Grower Combo for amazing growth and sweeter fruits , Heavyweight tandem for more and bigger fruits , Vibitall for bigger and fast growing plants , Chelated Calcium for more resistant plants and longer shelf life fruits, Silwet sticker for three times effect of foliar spray .  BUY CHELATED CALCIUM NITRATE READ: THE COMPLETE GUIDE ON HOW TO INCREASE CORN PRODUCTION IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT FORTUNE LIFE INSURANCE  CORPORATION             Buy 3K Fertilizer             Buy Chelated Calcium Nitrate Buy Power Grower Combo Buy ANAA Buy Heavy Weight Tandem Buy Nimbecidine Buy Z-!0 xtra fungicide Buy VibiTall         Buy Silwet sticker Put back the original fertility of your soil using

They let me choose order from their screen

 They let me choose order that was shown on their screen, but my choice is not available. It is not my first time to chose cheaper orders on the menu, but when you ask for it, they will say that it is not available, and they will offer and convince you to have bigger sizes. I think this is marketing strategy for some, or it so happen that their stocks were sold out. I ordered the smallest size of french fries, matched to coins I have in my pocket, but I didn’t pursue when the sales lady declared that it is not available.