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Silwet Foliar and Insecticide Sticker Spreader

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Chelated Calcium Nitrate Foliar Fertilizer

This is so effective foliar fertilizer that can be mixed with liquid fungicide and insecticide.  It will enhance the fruiting capacity of your vegetables. It will give a longer shelf life to fruits and vegetables for transporting and selling. It contain nutrients that will help your plants grow faster and bigger. This fertilizer will act as insect repellent when use as foliar fertilizer.  

The Complete Guide in Rice Production

  There are different process of raising and producing rice, here are some videos to guide you in the process of rice production.    

What is Effective Weed Killer and Eliminator for Rice

If your problem are weeds and grasses in your rice field, here is our recommended solution, just follow the direction of application and I am sure that you will going to achieve same result as we have. For more details, comment below for your inquiries.  

How to Control and Eliminate Weeds Making the Rice Grow Faster and Taller

Are you looking for instruction and direction on how to control weeds and make your rice plant grow bigger and faster? The video will tell you about that, but in case you want to know more and deeper about the subject, you can contact us through the comment below.  

The Complete Guide on How to Produce 10-16 tons Yellow Hybrid Corn in 1 Hectare

  source First: Soil Requirements and months of planting   The best soil to be planted with corn is loam soil, it is a combination of sand, silt, and clay. But if you don’t have this kind of soil, sandy loam and clay can be considered if you can get the proper timing of planting. The best planting months are from September to February in some areas in Luzon, particularly central and northern Luzon. If it is not frequently raining in your area, you must have water pump or any source of water that could sustain the corn for growing until it will be harvested. Second: Inputs, the things you need to prepare, a month before planting. Be sure that they are available before you start. Approximate cost 50,000 ·          2 bags hybrid seeds ·          8 sacks urea and 2 sacks complete fertilizer ·          3 corn planter (no need to prepare if there are planters in your area) ·          3 packs each power grower combo and heavyweight tandem, 1 bottle Anaa 400%, 2 bottle vibitall ·          4 pa

The Super (8) Eight Micro Nutrients needed by Plants