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Making Your Corn Grow Faster and Healthier

Planting and producing corn is easy, but knowing the proper method of maintaining and sustaining the corn will be better. You need to know the timing and frequency of fertilizing and irrigating. To gain and harvest more in planting corn, you need to learn the proper timing of application of fertilizer, others are applying more fertilizer to harvest more, but putting more inorganic fertilizer will make your soil acidic and fertilizer dependent to make your plants grow faster and taller. Start using organic fertilizer to back up inorganic fertilizer, you can try our method in producing more corn. The time had change, before, BT corn is insect resistant, now the insects had become resistant to BT corn, so we need to protect them with insecticide. Granular insecticide before is effective to control insects, now, that granular insecticide isn't effective to control corn insects. If you want to be updated on how to control plant insects, always watch and read our post for you to become b

Why I Loved Farming and Continue this Passion; The move that Changed my Life

 I grew up in a farm and developed as a farmer during my teenage and adulthood, but when I got married at age of 24, my father pushed me to get employed, for me to be ready for the needs of my family, I finished Bachelor of Science in Agriculture major in Agricultural Extension, but due to honest mistake in preparing my transcript of records which was prepared major in Agricultural Education, I was given a chance to took licensure examination for teachers then luckily passed. My wife was an employed private school teacher before we got married, she can sustain our needs as newly wed couple, but when she got pregnant I thought that I need to be employed to sustain my family. I stayed out of farm for seventeen years, I've been employed as Public Secondary School Teacher, and while in the teaching job, I have tried different ways to multiply my income because we were blessed with five children after twelve years of being together as couple. I have tried computer works like printing, e

Global Farmer Network Nomination for the next roundtable on September (11-15) in Washington DC is NOW GOING ON

We are looking for farmer from the following countries; Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos or any country belong to South East Asia, to be nominated for Global Farmer Network. The next Roundtable and Leadership Communication Training program will be held September 10-16, 2023 in Washington, DC. Do you believe agriculture is part of the solution to solving many of today’s challenges, not the problem? Do you agree that the worlds farmers, regardless of type or size, have practical expertise, experience, and perspective that provides important information necessary to dispel myths surrounding modern agriculture and inform science-based policies that are created a long way from the field? Do you know a farmer who embraces technology and the application of science within agriculture, understanding the value it brings in meeting the challenges of food security driven by a growing population and climate change? Is that farmer you?, then join us now! The Global Farmer Net

How to Irrigate Small Corn, Making the Corn Grow Faster and Better

We are showing you the process and correct water management to support and maintain the growth of BT corn. We also show the style and procedure of sustaining the water needs of corn. If you have question and inquiries about the video below, please let us know by putting your comments below.  

Canal Distance and Interval for Corn Irrigation

  If you are planting corn and you are using water pump to irrigate your corn, this process and idea could help you maintain and irrigate your corn in an excellent way to save time, money, and energy. The process maybe hard or easy to you, but as you begin and continue using it, it will improve your technique and skill you use to irrigate your corn. It is also applicable to other vegetables crop like eggplant, hot pepper, tomato, string beans, okra, onions, and others. The common problem in irrigating is the seepage, if you can't manage it, you will loss time, money, and energy. The corn needs to be irrigated five to six times to achieved its maximum weight and maturity. If you have questions and inquiries, you can comment below or contact us.  

Chelated Calcium Nitrate Plant Vaccine

  Have you heard or tried chelated calcium nitrate? Well, this is a new formulation that has an enhance effect to plant, it's effect is rapid, and the effect is far more better than the same nitrabor or yaraliva by Yara.  We have added nutrients that enhance its effect, micro-elements that are not present in the most commonly used fertilizer. It will protect and stop fungus damages to plants, it is tried to hot pepper and dragon fruit, its effect was excellent. If you want to avail and use it to your plant, you can order below, we prepare the formulation, so no one else can duplicate it.