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The Complete Guide of Producing Hot pepper, Tomato, and Eggplant production

Here is a complete guide and detailed direction of planting and producing hot pepper, eggplant, and tomatoes. Usually, smart farmers obtain information from books and agriculture magazine to start their project or farming activities, they believed that the stories and details they can obtain from those reading materials will help and guide them to have better and more harvest. The real fact is, the author is just relating the information he/she has obtain or what is related by the successful farmer in a very short period of time, and sometimes not all techniques used by the farmer will be related. I have tried reading books written by different authors, and have found out that the procedures they have written doesn't work well. I also tried subscribing magazine, but some procedures they have shared are hard to follow or is not suited to my place. Their benefits are inspiring and motivating us to become successful farmer.

Rice Planting Guide

For rice farmers: two (2) kgs rice seeds is in fact more than enough for a one (1) ha rice field using modified SRI rice planting method. Wider spacing @ 40 cm x 40 cm distance per hill single dapog seedling (not more than 15 days old rice seedlings). For sugarcane farmers: three (3) lacsas 3 buds setts is in fact more than enough for a one (1) hectare sugar land using SSI sugar cane planting method. Wider spacing @ 120 cms x 30 cms distance per hill. More with Less! More yield with less production costs. Given: 1. one rice grain is .025 gm average wt. Therefore: 1,000 gms ( 1 kg)/.025 gms = 40,000 rice grains more or less. 40k rice grains (2) = 80,000 rice grains in 2 kgs. 2. .4 x .4 planting distance per hill = .16 sqm area. Therefore: 10,000 sqm (1 ha)/.16 sqm = 62,500 hills or seedlings. 3. Acceptable germination rate: 90%. Therefore: 80,000 rice seeds (.9) = 72,000 germinated rice seeds minus 62,500 hills or seedlings needed for a hectare rice land = 9,500 excess r