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Identify and manage Anorexia

Anorexia is an eating disorder . It occurs when a person's obsession with diet and exercise leads to extreme weight loss. The disorder is considered if a person refuses to maintain a body weight at or above 85% of their ideal body weight. It can be fatal. The cause is still unknown. Source Risk Factors A risk factor increases your chance of getting a disease or condition. Risk factors for anorexia include the following: Sex: female Age: adolescence or early adulthood Low self-esteem Feelings of helplessness Perfectionism Fear of becoming overweight Familial pressure to be thin Families that are overprotective, rigid, not involved, or in conflict Family history of eating disorders Emotional stress Mood disorders, such as  depression  or  generalized anxiety disorder Personality disorders Influenced by social and fashion trends emphasizing or glamorizing thinness Symptoms Symptoms may include: Excessive weight loss Obsession with food, calories, and f