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They let me choose order from their screen

How to do the Kegels Technique for Better Sex Life

The big and tight is not a big factor in attaining a nice sexual pleasure, though the big and tight matters, here is a simple exercise for ladies to help us partially attain it. Ladies, did you know you can perform an internal vaginal exercise that will strengthen the walls of your vagina, making incontinence more unlikely and orgasms much stronger? If you've had a baby, your doctor probably told you all about these exercises, called Kegels. The rest of you, listen up. A Practical Application Developed in 1946 by Dr. Arnold Kegel, a Los Angeles obstetrician and gynecologist, Kegels are the rhythmic clenching and unclenching of the pubococcygeal (PC) muscles. Also known as the "pelvic floor,"

Keeping Your Sex Life Sizzling After 50

There are lots of reasons, both physical and psychological, why your sex drive may go off the boil, but they are nearly always treatable. Tackle them, and watch your sensual side come out of retirement. Beat the Blues Depression can affect sex drive . We all feel a bit down at times, but if you're feeling sad and teary for days, have feelings of despair, trouble sleeping and have lost interest in life, see your doctor. Depression is an illness and nothing to feel ashamed of . Your doctor will help you decide whether medication, counseling or a combination of both is best for you.