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Philippine Air Lines and Cebu Pacific Airlines Difference

Upgraded Harvest and Profit with Power Grower and ANAA

How is your harvest of rice this 2019, is it improved? Let me share some changes in fertilizer application that made changes in my harvest of rice this year. After a week of transplanting my rice seedlings in a sandy loam soil, I broadcast 14-14-14 and Urea with zinc, then after a week I sprayed ANAA, then 30 days after transplanting I again broadcast urea fertilizer, and after 2 weeks, I sprayed ANAA and Power Grower foliar fertilizer. You can see the outcome below, Some inputs to be prepared for 2500 square meters area of siling labuyo are the following; Organic fertilizer 1,250 kilos Calcium Nitrate 100 kilos Yara mila Winner 200 kilos Viking ship urea 100 kilos Fungicide Pegasus insecticide 1 liter Deltaking insecticide 500 ml ANAA plant growth promotant 1 liter Power grower Combo 3 kilos Heavy weight tandem 2 kilos Vibitall 500ml