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Making Your Corn Grow Faster and Healthier

Here is your guide on how to grow corn faster and healthier, making your investment count. Planting and producing corn is easy, but knowing the proper method of maintaining and sustaining the corn will be better. You need to know the timing and frequency of fertilizing and irrigating. To gain and harvest more in planting corn, you need to learn the proper timing of application of fertilizer, others are applying more fertilizer to harvest more, but putting more inorganic fertilizer will make your soil acidic and fertilizer dependent to make your plants grow faster and taller. Start using organic fertilizer to back up inorganic fertilizer, you can try our method in producing more corn. The time had change, before, BT corn is insect resistant, now the insects had become resistant to BT corn, so we need to protect them with insecticide. Granular insecticide before is effective to control insects, now, that granular insecticide isn't effective to control corn insects. If you want to be

Canal Distance and Interval for Corn Irrigation

  If you are planting corn and you are using water pump to irrigate your corn, this process and idea could help you maintain and irrigate your corn in an excellent way to save time, money, and energy. The process maybe hard or easy to you, but as you begin and continue using it, it will improve your technique and skill you use to irrigate your corn. It is also applicable to other vegetables crop like eggplant, hot pepper, tomato, string beans, okra, onions, and others. The common problem in irrigating is the seepage, if you can't manage it, you will loss time, money, and energy. The corn needs to be irrigated five to six times to achieved its maximum weight and maturity. If you have questions and inquiries, you can comment below or contact us.  

More Yellow Corn Harvest is Possible

 A few months ago, after witnessing the uniform germination of NK 6410 yellow hybrid corn, five days after sowing, I have decided to set a target goal of 16tons yellow corn in one hectare though I only have half hectare of corn. I set the date of applying fertilizer and irrigation, I immediately applied 75kg. of urea fertilizer in a half hectare 7 days after sowing, then at 8 days irrigate it. After 18 days I sprayed it with glyphosate herbicide then applied the last side dress fertilizer.  At 20 days I sprayed ANAA and Power Grower Combo ,  I repeated it in 30 days, then vibitall and Heavyweight Tandem in 40 days. I did not attain my target harvest of 8 tons, but I am very much happy and satisfied with what I've got. Watch the video and find out my reward in attaining my goal.

Harvesting and the Process of picking Yellow Corn NK 6410

 We will show you the appearance of corn to be harvested and the harvesting process. February to April is the harvesting period of dried corn here in central Luzon particularly Tarlac province. For the past ten years, Tarlac is known as the top corn producer and topnotches in corn yield. So to verify this fact, we have already shared videos on how we do process and how we apply inputs like fertilizer, weed control, insecticide, and foliar fertilizer. The video below will now show you the outcome of what we have done in the past one hundred ten days. If you want to harvest same yield, you may follow our process, it is already tested in several cropping, and we're sure that if you can acquire the knowledge and adopt it in your place, you could attain same outcome or better results. So watch the video, if you have question or inquiries, you may put your comment below.

How much is the Needed Capital for One hectare Corn Production "Yellow Corn"

 If you're planning to plant corn, or you're already planting corn. Here are the things that you should know and consider that must be included in your budget. Don't missed to put or apply anyone that is recommended, so that your corn venture will be successful one, or your investment will be returned.  Today, the price of fertilizer is still going high, besides it has already have high price, applying fertilizer without knowledge of proper timing in application might result to lost, irrigation in proper time is also needed. The following video is a guide in planning and preparing your investment for corn production, please watch intelligently. Thank you. If you have question and inquiries, feel free to put your comment below, we'll be glad to answer your inquiries.

Here is your Guide for Planting Corn : Increasing your Production

  More than 50% of farmers in the Philippines are planting corn, not only in the Philippines, farmers of other countries also planting corn. Different methods are used to produce corn in different areas, some are effective and others are ineffective. The reason why we share this video, we would like to help farmers planting corn increase their harvest and improve the process of production, making it convincing and enjoyable as they increase the yield and income in corn production. We know that some farmers are comfortable with their present income from planting corn, but we know that you'll going to enjoy more if you will learn and can adapt our method.  Relax and enjoy learning, if you have question you can leave a comment below.

Producing 16 thousand Kilos of Yellow in One Hectare; Is that Possible

 A lot of our viewers in YouTube had questioned our video about producing 16 tons of yellow corn in one hectare, we are showing them the process and still can't believed. We decided to capture a video while we are raising the corn until harvest to show that producing more corn is not impossible, we can do it. If we'll going to leave the old process of production, and adapt the newest technology, we can increase and improve the process of producing yellow corn. You can watch the video and feel free to leave your comment after watching it. Good Luck!

How to Produce 16 tons of Yellow in One Hectare

 Corn producing farmers in the Philippines are finding ways to produce more yield of corn to increase their income. Now that fertilizer prices still going high, farmers are hoping to increase their production and gain more, now that the price of urea and complete fertilizer is more than two thousand pesos, which is a hundred percent increase, how will they recover the expenses of production? But don't worry, problem arises solutions also comes out. Here is a video that will guide corn producing farmer produce more yield from their corn, learn and analyze the video to understand, then follow some process and procedure. We will going to share more procedure and techniques in the production of corn so that your income will increase.  Subscribe to our channel for update of the next video.  You may write your question or comment below, for us to be notified.