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Nuts Contains Fewer Calories.

Nuts is belong to upper portion of food pyramid. They are part of grow foods, but they don't contain much calorie compared to the other kinds of grow foods. Know about their importance and function to maintain our body. A recent study suggests that human bodies don't absorb all the calories in pistachios, because the fat from this nut isn't readily absorbed by the intestinal tract. What's in a Calorie? Proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and alcohol have been assigned a simple caloric value most dieters know by heart. Protein and carbs supply 4 calories per gram of food while fat supplies 9 calories per gram. And alcohol lands in the middle -- at about 7 calories per gram. But in light of this new study, researchers believe that these caloric factors may be outdated and may overestimate calories. And the researchers figure that the caloric value of pistachios is probably overestimated by about 6 percent, given the number of calories that actually get absorbed.  Here are