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Philippine Air Lines and Cebu Pacific Airlines Difference

Can I Get Cancer From Oral Sex?

Here are the answers from a lot of speculations and assumption regarding oral sex, read and be guided.. Source: Mount Sinai Medical Center

SARS-like mystery illness emerges in Middle East

The World Health Organization in London had issued a global alert on Monday for a new SARS-like respiratory virus which left a man from Qatar critically ill in a London hospital and killed at least one more in Saudi Arabia. The 49-year-old Qatari was admitted to an intensive care unit in Doha on September 7 suffering from acute respiratory infection and kidney failure before being transferred to Britain by air ambulance on September 11, the WHO said. A Saudi Arabian national died earlier this year from a virtually identical virus, the WHO said, while Saudi medical authorities said they were investigating other possible cases of the disease. The WHO confirmed the illness was in the coronavirus family but was not SARS, or Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, which swept out of China in 2003, killing more than 800 people worldwide. “This is a new virus,” WHO spokesman Gregory Hartl told AFP. “We haven’t heard of any more new cases. We don’t have an appreciation of how widespr

The Unmatched Power of Happiness

Before and until now, happiness is claimed to be a source of energy and power. New British research has found that the more satisfied you are with your life, the lower your danger of coronary heart disease. Happy Life, Happy Heart While it's long been known that negative emotions such as depression and anxiety put you at risk for heart disease, there's been surprisingly little research on whether positive emotions prevent coronary trouble. To find out, scientists asked nearly 8,000 people to rate their satisfaction in seven key areas of life: jobs, family, love, leisure, standard of living, sex, and self. Those who scored higher than average satisfaction in all categories had up to 13 percent less risk of heart disease, heart attacks,