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The difference between Luzon and Mindanao Tamarind

Guide on How to Plant and Sustain String Beans

Here is what you need to know in planting and sustaining string beans for consumption and commercial. String beans is a year round vegetable, if you're planning to plant produce it for commercial purposes, you can start planting from May to July, where a lot of farm are planted with rice, but if you want catch the peak season, plant it on the third and fourth week of November, December and January in some part of Philippines is hard start or germinate string beans because it is cold season, that is why during the months of January to March the price of string beans is high. You need to prepare seeds, string, wire, wood and sticks to serve as trellis for climbing vines of string beans. You also need irrigation during the months where rain is seldom.  

Hot pepper, Eggplant, String beans, Corn, and Papaya Production

Pictures below are crops that can be produced all year round. Want to know how to do it? Contact us, and we will be much willing to provide your need..