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Double Your Profit and Increase Your Farm Income by Using our Products and Following our Guide and Direction

Double Your Profit and Increase Your Farm Income by Using our Products and Following our Guide and Direction

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Chelated Calcium Nitrate Plant Vaccine

  Have you heard or tried chelated calcium nitrate? Well, this is a new formulation that has an enhance effect to plant, it's effect is rapid, and the effect is far more better than the same nitrabor or yaraliva by Yara.  We have added nutrients that enhance its effect, micro-elements that are not present in the most commonly used fertilizer. It will protect and stop fungus damages to plants, it is tried to hot pepper and dragon fruit, its effect was excellent. If you want to avail and use it to your plant, you can order below, we prepare the formulation, so no one else can duplicate it.

Chelated Calcium Nitrate Foliar Fertilizer

This foliar fertilizer was especially formulated and prepared to meet the plant need for growth and stability, with more nutrients intentionally added for different and better result. This is so effective foliar fertilizer that can be mixed with liquid fungicide and insecticide.  It will enhance the fruiting capacity of your vegetables. It will give a longer shelf life to fruits and vegetables for transporting and selling. It contain nutrients that will help your plants grow faster and bigger. This fertilizer will act as insect repellent when use as foliar fertilizer.  It can be used to protect your plants from insects, it can be use to corn, rice, hot pepper, string beans, okra, water melon, dragon fruit, guava, jackfruit, mango, and others. You can avail this product by clicking the link below, this product is only available here, we prepare and mix the product, it is guaranteed effective.