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Philippine Air Lines and Cebu Pacific Airlines Difference

Best Foliar Fertilizers Organic and Inorganic

The best and cheapest organic foliar fertilizer in town is 3K fertilizer , the cheapest and best inorganic fertilizer and foliar is chelated calcium . CLICK TO  BUY 3K FERTILIZER NOW 3K Fertilizer for healthier plants and soil , Anaa for continuous root and shoots development , Power Grower Combo for amazing growth and sweeter fruits , Heavyweight tandem for more and bigger fruits , Vibitall for bigger and fast growing plants , Chelated Calcium for more resistant plants and longer shelf life fruits, Silwet sticker for three times effect of foliar spray .  BUY CHELATED CALCIUM NITRATE READ: THE COMPLETE GUIDE ON HOW TO INCREASE CORN PRODUCTION IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT FORTUNE LIFE INSURANCE  CORPORATION             Buy 3K Fertilizer             Buy Chelated Calcium Nitrate Buy Power Grower Combo Buy ANAA Buy Heavy Weight Tandem Buy Nimbecidine Buy Z-!0 xtra fungicide Buy VibiTall         Buy Silwet sticker Put back the original fertility of your soil using

How to prepare and spray foliar fertilizer

 Do you know how to use foliar fertilizer? Do you know how to prepare and spray foliar fertilizer? We will show you how to prepare the mixture, and spray foliar fertilizer in the video below.  Making your plant and crops healthy are not only through watering, applying fertilizer, sunlight exposure, and spraying insecticide. You can still enhance and boost the crop performance and yield by spraying appropriate and needed foliar fertilizer, because not all foliar fertilizer have same ingredients that will help the plant boost its performance. The procedure shown in the video can be applied to hot pepper, eggplant, corn, rice, okra, string beans,  papaya, calamansi, citrus, watermelon, and other crops. If you have some questions, please comment below.

What you can do to improve your hot pepper grow and bear more fruits

 A lot of farmer planting siling labuyo had a lot of problem making their hot pepper bloom and bear more fruits during the peak season when the demand is so high that the price will reach as high as 900 pesos per kilo as farm gate price, the video below will explain how to make your hot pepper grow and have more fruits, so that farmer producing siling labuyo will have more profit from their harvest. If you want to buy those products, you can have them here. Some inputs to be prepared for 2500 square meter area are the following; Organic fertilizer 1,250 kilos Calcium Nitrate 100 kilos Yara mila Winner 200 kilos Viking ship urea 100 kilos Fungicide Pegasus insecticide 1 liter Deltaking insecticide 500 ml ANAA plant growth promotant 1 liter Power grower Combo 3 kilos Heavy weight tandem 2 kilos Vibitall 500ml