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Philippine Air Lines and Cebu Pacific Airlines Difference

Tune Up Your Self

I have read different definition of tune up on web, but they're all related, the fact that they all pertains to one subject, the machine. The machine that is made up of iron, and function with the use of gasoline and oils. What I want to relate to you is a unique machine, our lifetime vehicle that moves us to anywhere, a machine that has no spare parts replacement. Our body is a machine that needs to be tune up, unlike machine that needs oil and gasoline, the body we have needs nutritious foods as source of energy and gas to function, and we need to use our body for activity, to tune it up we need to start slowly and moderately to avoid pain and accident. We must start from very simple thing we can do to be use to it, then the pacing is from slow to fast, the intensity is from moderate to difficult. Here are some activity to tune up our body; First, Let us start it with simple inhale exhale, we should prepare our heart and lung for any activity. Remember that our body needs ox