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They let me choose order from their screen

More Yellow Corn Harvest is Possible

 A few months ago, after witnessing the uniform germination of NK 6410 yellow hybrid corn, five days after sowing, I have decided to set a target goal of 16tons yellow corn in one hectare though I only have half hectare of corn. I set the date of applying fertilizer and irrigation, I immediately applied 75kg. of urea fertilizer in a half hectare 7 days after sowing, then at 8 days irrigate it. After 18 days I sprayed it with glyphosate herbicide then applied the last side dress fertilizer.  At 20 days I sprayed ANAA and Power Grower Combo ,  I repeated it in 30 days, then vibitall and Heavyweight Tandem in 40 days. I did not attain my target harvest of 8 tons, but I am very much happy and satisfied with what I've got. Watch the video and find out my reward in attaining my goal.

Harvesting and the Process of picking Yellow Corn NK 6410

 We will show you the appearance of corn to be harvested and the harvesting process. February to April is the harvesting period of dried corn here in central Luzon particularly Tarlac province. For the past ten years, Tarlac is known as the top corn producer and topnotches in corn yield. So to verify this fact, we have already shared videos on how we do process and how we apply inputs like fertilizer, weed control, insecticide, and foliar fertilizer. The video below will now show you the outcome of what we have done in the past one hundred ten days. If you want to harvest same yield, you may follow our process, it is already tested in several cropping, and we're sure that if you can acquire the knowledge and adopt it in your place, you could attain same outcome or better results. So watch the video, if you have question or inquiries, you may put your comment below.