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Philippine Air Lines and Cebu Pacific Airlines Difference

Personal Brand Will Make You Successful

Here are the eight reasons why I tell people you must have a top-notch personal brand if you want to source be successful today: 1. Opportunity finds you. When your personal brand is attractive, customers, clients, vendors, press and even companies looking to hire, will find you and reach out to you. I am the CEO of a new social media platform, and I had them contact me for the job. I didn’t even know the position was available. I have gotten media appearances , writing opportunities and speaking engagements because I get noticed and folks reach out to me. Related: I Use My Personal Brand to Drive Revenue. You Can Too. 2. Online networking power. When you have a compelling personal brand, people find you interesting and desirable, so they are willing to connect with you. I get dozens of new Linkedin and Twitter connections every day. People look at my profiles, follow me and want to know more about me. 3. In-person networking power. When I'm at a networking event and I eng