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Philippine Air Lines and Cebu Pacific Airlines Difference

R.I.C.E. Meaning, First Aid for Injuries

source To recall the proper initial steps in first aid, remember the words: RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation) Rest: Rest the injured area immediately Crutches may need to be used temporarily to keep weight off the injured area. If it hurts to move, use a splint for extra support. Pain is your body’s message to decrease use of the injured area. Your child can return to normal activity or sports when there is no more pain with use. Ice: Applying ice immediately to the injured area limits swelling. Place crushed ice in a plastic zip-lock bag with water added to make it softer or a cold pack on the injured area. To avoid frostbite, use a thin piece of material (tee-shirt) between the ice and the skin. Apply ice for 10-20 minutes every 2-4 hours. Stop if the area becomes numb. Numbness will usually go away after 30 minutes. Longer than 30 minutes use of ice at one time may cause more swelling or damage to the skin. Continue applying ice each day until the swell