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The curving bus at Brussels Belgium

Secrets of Living Longer Years

Everyone wants to live longer and spend more years with our love ones and friends. We keep on searching means and ways on how to make our life longer. Let us find out secrets of people who lived longer years, staying healthy and happy with their own lives. Some study that was funded by U.S. National Institute of Aging,  scientist have  reported and identified three groups of people from different part of the world who belong to the longest lived on earth. They are identified as the following; The first group of people who lived longer years was found in Sardinia, Italy. These people who dwells in mountain villages, enjoy and maintain their good health by drinking red wine in moderation, eat pecorino cheese which is rich in omega 3 foods, and share the work burden with spouses. These people have managed to live long by enjoying their day to day activities. The second group of people was found living in the islands of Okinawa, Japan. Their secret of having long life is by eating sm