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The curving bus at Brussels Belgium

Panatag Credit Cooperative

OUR GOAL "MAKING EVERY MEMBER SUPPORTED, AND HAPPY" OUR MISSION To provide every member a livelihood that will help them improve their current income and lifestyle. To provide lifelong learning that facilitates lifelong development to every member. To make every member contribute product to raise their income. To establish a market that will be manage and patronize by the members. OUR VISION Becoming Product and Services Innovator. CORE VALUES Becoming competent, honest, reliable, dependable, efficient, and loyal. SOCIAL GOALS To share whatever things that are good, and will improve the life of fellow. Cooperative Development Authority Registration Number: 9520-1010000000037328 CIN 10201737328 Date Registerd; February 20, 2017 TIN Number: 700-814-106-000 Date Registered: May 3, 2017 Name: PANATAG CREDIT COOPERATIVE Address: Zaragoza St., Tayug, Pangasinan Our Challenge: Let your saved money earn bigger than sa