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The curving bus at Brussels Belgium

Lot and Farmland for Commercial and Residential Purposes

Buy lot or farmland in Pangasinan and Tarlac?  Inquire or contact us at 09175015680. Available for Sale: House and Lot at Piaz, Villasis, Pangasinan 10 hectare farmland near Mc Arthur Highway at San Manuel, Tarlac

Mangosteen for Sale

Mangosteen for sale. Our mangosteen are guaranteed to bear fruit in Luzon. Contact us for more information, 09175015680. Our Pick up price is Php 500.00 per seedling. We give free training on how to raise and maintain mangosteen until it bear fruit.

Rambutan for Sale

Rambutan for Sale. Our seedlings are ready to bear fruit. The pick up price is Php 350.00 each. For more information, contact us at 09175015680. We are giving free training on how to raise and maintain rambutan upon purchase of not less than 50 seedlings..

Kalamansi for Sale

Kalamansi for sale. Our seedlings are baring flower and fruits already. The pick up price is Php 200.00 each. Contact us at 09175015680 for more details. We will give you free training on how to raise and harvest more during peak season.