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Philippine Air Lines and Cebu Pacific Airlines Difference

Having Breakfast at Burger King Kalaw Manila

 Simple and small breakfast at Burger King Manila, near US embassy.  If you are traveling, you don't need to have heavy meal, you need only a little amount of food that will fill your stomach, having this small breakfast is fine. It is enough and fit to have something for your hungry stomach. To those who can't afford, having this meal is not recommended, this piece of burger, french fries, and drinks worth more than 200 pesos.  The place is nice, it is equipped with clean comfort room, it is what I appreciate to this fast food.  I definitely will come again.

Efficascent Oil Effectiveness and Quality

  Filipino favorite massage oil for body aches and pains. In the past , I am using this oil, this is next to coconut oil before, it became popular to folks around the country especially the senior and old. The oil possess a nice smell and hot touch, a common relief to common body aches and pains. Today , this oil was still popular and commonly use by people in the Philippines. But the lid cap is so thin, that if you're not careful in opening it, it will be not reusable, the effect of the oil also is not that effective compare to the previous solution they prepare. That is why for me , I can't recommend it, the hot touch is only hot, it has a little healing and relieving power. The cap must be change with better one, the one that I bought is not reseal able, I must place it between bottles to keep it upright.

GoPro Hero 12 Action Camera

The GoPro Hero 12 is a lot better than the later version of GoPro  This camera catches wider view, has stabilizer, time warp 3.0, 27 mp photo, 5K video, and others.  It has almost all you want in an action camera, design for shaky and underwater capturing, it has super smooth slo-mo, 10 bit color, clearer and louder video sound, and many more. For me this action camera is a better one compare to other brand, for video capturing and vlogging. 

Chooks to Go Experience

Have you tried tasting the most popular chicken in town, the Chooks to GO roasted chicken?They can be found in almost every town in the Philippines. They popularized the tagline, " Masarap kahit walang sauce ." They served chop or whole roasted chicken upon your request, so if you haven't tried it yet, get one now, and experience the yummy taste of their roasted chicken and pork. By the way, if you have already tasted their roasted chicken and pork, we are inviting you to put your comment below. We love to read your opinion about this product. Photo source

Gatorade Energy Drink Experience

Have you tried drinking Gatorade? What particular activity does it require you to drink Gatorade? What benefits can you get from drinking Gatorade? Those are some question that your can't answer if you haven't tried drinking Gatorade yet. Used and drink by most athletes, because it replaces liquid lost in our body during rigorous activities. It is quickly absorb by body, and the energy is boosted in a minute compared to drinking water. If you have nice Gatorade experience, share it on the comment portion below. Like and share us.. Sports Drink Product Bundles Protein powder and shakes Bars and chews Endurance Equipment Photo source

St. Peter Memorial Services Nationwide

If you are looking for a worry-free funeral services, Pre-need plans with accident insurance, money back investment, we have it at St. Peter Life Plan. Just sign a contract with St. Peter and pay your first installment payment or cash it, and you're in, just call or visit our St. Peter Life Plan Office or Chapel located nationwide when you need their services, and they will take care of your love ones remain. There are two ways to pay, 5 years installment, or spot cash. Ease the  worries of  your love ones, apply for St. Peter Life Plan now! For more information contact, 09175015680 We accept application nationwide, payment accepted thru BDO deposit. ST. ANDREW ST. ANNE ST. BERNADETTE ST. CLAIRE ST. DOMINIQUE wood ST. FERDINAND ST. FRANCIS wood ST. GREGORY ST. HYACINTH wood ST. JOHN ST. PAUL wood For more information contact, 09175015680 We accept application nationwide, payment accepted thru BDO deposit.

iPhone 11 Introduced

If you are an iPhone fanatic, collector, or enthusiast, and you're following development and new product introduction, here is a good news for you, iPhone is announcing the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. The phones start at $699, $999 and $1,099, respectively. These new iPhones pick up a fresh palette of colors, longer battery life and a A13 Bionic processor inside that promises faster performance. But more than any other feature, it's the camera hardware and software that take the headlining role. There are three cameras on the back of the Pro phones and two on the back of the iPhone 11. These added features on new iPhone will tickle the pocket of iPhone lover and user. Below are some photos of added features to iPhone 11.  New in the iPhone 11 Six colors: black, white, yellow, purple, green, Product Red A13 Bionic chip 64GB, 128GB, 512GB storage capacities Hour more battery life than iPhone XR Faster Face ID unlocking Wi-Fi 6 support, but no

Pioneer Corn Experience

Another corn seeds producer that guarantees abundant yield is the Pioneer Corn Seeds, they take a big part in distributing corn seeds to farmer from Luzon to Mindanao. This corn seeds producer is competing with other brand, and he is also known in corn production industry. This seed corn brand had stand the test of time, for being always in the market, requested by most farmers that had put their trust in this corn seed brand. For more information regarding yield and other seed corn characteristics, scroll down below. If you have good experience or inquiries about Pioneer Corn Seed, please share your stories and ideas on the comment portion below.    Picture source

Dekalb Corn Experience

If you are a farmer and you are looking or thinking of plant to raise that will give you more yield and profit, examine these varieties of corn that already helped a lot of farmer reach their goals and dream. They are the BT Corn Seeds develop by Monsanto, an insect resistant and high yielding, you could choose from varieties that could meet the requirements in your area. Yellow corn are not difficult to raise and maintain, if you could follow directions and techniques, the 100k is a sure gross income in every hectare.  If you have success stories or inquiries regarding Dekalb BT Corn planting, you may share it on the comments below, we will be glad to read your messages. Picture source For product reviews, contact us @ 09175015680

KFC Fried Chicken Experience

Have you tried KFC Fried Chicken? You will definitely love the taste of their deals, it is mouth watering, it will be an experience that you'll love to enjoy. Surely you can identify and love the difference of KFC fried chicken, if you haven't tried it yet, it's time for you to taste it and enjoy the experience. If you have tried or enjoyed any KFC food products, we like to hear or read it from you. Please share your experience by putting your comment below. Please share and liked us. If you want your product to be reviewed, contact us @ 09175015680