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Philippine Air Lines and Cebu Pacific Airlines Difference

How to become seller and increase your sales in Lazada and Shopee

 A year ago I uploaded video in Youtube about Siling Labuyo farming, Youtube recommended it till it reached a lot of viewers, several viewers are asking question about my inputs, and answered them. I continue to upload videos till I got the idea of recommending my inputs and offering it to my viewers. I made an account to become a seller in Lazada, selling my foliar fertilizer and some insecticide, I get some order but I don't know if how to shipped it to Lazada, till those orders were cancelled. A few weeks later, order keep coming, then Lazada contact me for the pick-up, I only have one parcel for my first pick-up in July 14, 2020. But that was the start of my journey, becoming lazada seller. Watch the video, it might be a good opportunity for you.

Online store, wanted reseller

Here are the picture gallery of what we sell online , they are guaranteed to bring you good results. We know how you value your money, so we give you products that are more valuable than your money. 1. Dried Goji berry, it restores your energy and heal a lot of health problem, it is advisable to drink daily for young and old, especially those individual who has a busy schedule. Drink it to detoxify our body, there's no need to drink stimulant if you have this daily