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Philippine Air Lines and Cebu Pacific Airlines Difference

Here is your Guide for Planting Corn : Increasing your Production

  More than 50% of farmers in the Philippines are planting corn, not only in the Philippines, farmers of other countries also planting corn. Different methods are used to produce corn in different areas, some are effective and others are ineffective. The reason why we share this video, we would like to help farmers planting corn increase their harvest and improve the process of production, making it convincing and enjoyable as they increase the yield and income in corn production. We know that some farmers are comfortable with their present income from planting corn, but we know that you'll going to enjoy more if you will learn and can adapt our method.  Relax and enjoy learning, if you have question you can leave a comment below.

How to hunt or kill mouse or rat eating and destroying corn, rice, and other crops

 I am sure that a lot of farmers out there are having problem on how to control or kill crop eating and destroying rats. Maybe you have tried poisoning them, but that process can harm or kill other animals that will consume them, like cat and dogs around in the area. I have tried some mouse traps, but sometime other rats who were not catch learned about it and will not step inside. Here is a mousetrap that I found effective and efficient, that mouse will keep stepping into it if place their favorite food in the trap, it is either corn or rice, alternate it. Or you can try cooked meat or bread, discover it. If you haven't tried it, watch the video to learn and be particular about it, it is effective, you can use it again and again. The product is available online in

How to induce more flower and fruits from our Calamansi

 There are a lot of us that are planting calamansi or citrus, some trees are bearing fruits and some are not. We are sharing our video to those of you who have calamansi but are not bearing flower and fruit, the process is so easy, just be ready to be equipped with knowledge and apply it. Do not wait and wait, you have already waited to much time, and now is the time for you to begin harvesting. Our video will allow you to learn some process and inputs to be applied to your calamansi so that it will start flowering and eventually bear fruit. The calamansi in the video start bearing fruit immediately after it was planted, because I gave the needed nutrients to grow and at the same time bear fruit. So now it is your turn, learn the process and apply it immediately. Good luck and God bless..

Producing 16 thousand Kilos of Yellow in One Hectare; Is that Possible

 A lot of our viewers in YouTube had questioned our video about producing 16 tons of yellow corn in one hectare, we are showing them the process and still can't believed. We decided to capture a video while we are raising the corn until harvest to show that producing more corn is not impossible, we can do it. If we'll going to leave the old process of production, and adapt the newest technology, we can increase and improve the process of producing yellow corn. You can watch the video and feel free to leave your comment after watching it. Good Luck!

Cure curly leaves of hot pepper

 Have you experienced planting hot pepper of any kind?, did you noticed some curly leaves during cold and rainy season? what solution did you do to correct or stop curly leaves from appearing?  Have you notice that when the leaves starts to curl, it will also stop bearing flowers and fruit?, and this happens to all hybrid hot pepper as what I have observed. Now, do you want to know the solution, and learn how to improve the yield and growth of your hot peppers? Watch the video and learn how to cure and manage the problem..   Buy Pegasus    Buy Power Grower Combo Buy ANAA   Buy Heavy Weight Tandem    Buy Nimbecidine    Buy Z-!0 xtra fungicide