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Philippine Air Lines and Cebu Pacific Airlines Difference

16 Days Old Hybrid Corn

Producing hybrid corn these days needs close monitoring, treatment, and maintenance or else you will not be able to extract the desired production. The production of hybrid corn needs the needed care and maintenance that should be given on time, can't provide it on time means delayed development and lost of production. Here is our 16 days old corn, immediately after application of fertilizer is the irrigation, so that they will have the needed minerals and nutrients for formation and growth, Irrigating, after the application of fertilizer..

The Best Way to Care for Dog or Cat Bite.

Although dogs are more likely to bite, cat bites are more likely to cause infections. If the skin is broken but not torn, and bleeding is limited, was the wound thoroughly with soap and water. Apply an antibiotic cream and cover it with bandage. If you haven't had a tetanus shot within the last five years, you may need to get a booster. If it's a deep puncture wound or the skin is badly torn or bleeding, apply pressure and seek immediate medical care. After the wound is cleaned and treated, you may be prescribed an antibiotic and given a tetanus shot if you haven't had one in five years.

The Danger of Adolescent Romance.

Studies have found that adolescents involved in relationship with the opposite sex are prone to depression, delinquency, and alcohol abuse than those who are not. Possible causes of depression include: deteriorating relationship with parents especially when parents dislikes one's lover, poor performance in school, and breakups between lovers. Although other  researchers contest this idea, saying that not everything is bad in having relationship with the opposite sex during the adolescent years, this study should sound an alarm for parents who, at present, are

Growing Corn and Flowering Mangoes Development.

Here is how we maintain growing yellow corn and flowering mangoes. To harvest more corn and mangoes, you should do something to have it. As you have seen in my previous post about corn and mangoes, we are able to harvest and gain that much in having proper care and maintenance of the needs of the plants, not giving their needs on time means smaller yield and harvest. This flower stage need to be sprayed with fungicide and insecticide to protect it..

Mangoes and Yellow Corn

It is again time for planting corn and inducing mango's flower. We are sharing some pictures on how we cultivate and produce more corn and mangoes. Our best production of mangoes last year has 300 "kaing," I just don't know if what is the approximate weight of a kaing of mangoes. We maintain 15 medium size of mango trees. Here are the pictures,  Start to have flower..