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They let me choose order from their screen

The Needs and Essence of Gardening.

I would like to share you the different aspects needed in gardening. Raising and producing foods start in having small garden. The improvement of varieties and kinds of plants we produce and consume also start in a garden. I am posting results of what we have in the farm, and I think that there are some of you dear readers out there who would like to try and enjoy gardening. It is unfair for me to post result here without telling how I have done it, so little by little I will be imparting knowledge and technique we have in producing different crops. This blog was intended to inform and help you produce more food, because I believed that the main problem that everybody has right now is to where we can find source of food we must have to sustain our body needs daily. The Needs You don't need to own a large parcel of land to start gardening. You only need a small part of land where seeds, cuttings, tubers, crowns, slips, and other planting materials could be planted. If you don&

The Hybrid Corn After 34 Days.

We have a very fine weather, favorable for corn growers in lowland at the Northern part of the Philippines. We have scattered rainfall up to this date, it falls in the afternoon or during the night. The plant continue to grow, the corn that has been planted 34 days ago is on its way to vegetative stage. Here are the developments,  This is about five feet tall..

Important Reason Why We Must Produce Corn.

Our Philosophy of producing more corn was formulated behind the reason that; "While we continue to consume chicken and pork, the production of more corn  is much needed." Here are the growth development of our corn, After the rain that falls almost every other day, here they come, growing fast..

Like Father, Like Son

Your children emulate both good and bad health habits. Teens whose parents smoke tend to smoke, while kids whose parents regularly exercise tend to exercise as well. Researchers also found that in two-parent homes, parents' influences or teens follow gender lines. Boys, emulate their father, while girls are more likely to model

23 Days Old Hybrid Corn.

The corn that had been side dress with fertilizer and irrigated, after seven days, as it continuously receive rainfall has on its way to his vegetative stage. It starts the formation of leaves and stem. Here it is,  A closer look as they start forming up..