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The difference between Luzon and Mindanao Tamarind

Applying Visa for Belgium

 Received an invitation from Canada Grains Council to speak in front of EU policy making body about gene editing, or known as NGT New Genome Technique.

Brussels Belgium Travel

 Lucky to have an opportunity to represent Asian farmers, speak in front of EU agriculture policy approving body.

How to Apply the First Fertilizer for Corn

 Fertilizer is so essential in early plant development, that is why we need to apply little fertilizer to small plant after germination to boost its growth. We also need to irrigate the plant immediately to absorb the supplied nutrients or fertilizer in soil. The video below will show how to apply it.

Having Breakfast at Burger King Kalaw Manila

 Simple and small breakfast at Burger King Manila, near US embassy.  If you are traveling, you don't need to have heavy meal, you need only a little amount of food that will fill your stomach, having this small breakfast is fine. It is enough and fit to have something for your hungry stomach. To those who can't afford, having this meal is not recommended, this piece of burger, french fries, and drinks worth more than 200 pesos.  The place is nice, it is equipped with clean comfort room, it is what I appreciate to this fast food.  I definitely will come again.

Efficascent Oil Effectiveness and Quality

  Filipino favorite massage oil for body aches and pains. In the past , I am using this oil, this is next to coconut oil before, it became popular to folks around the country especially the senior and old. The oil possess a nice smell and hot touch, a common relief to common body aches and pains. Today , this oil was still popular and commonly use by people in the Philippines. But the lid cap is so thin, that if you're not careful in opening it, it will be not reusable, the effect of the oil also is not that effective compare to the previous solution they prepare. That is why for me , I can't recommend it, the hot touch is only hot, it has a little healing and relieving power. The cap must be change with better one, the one that I bought is not reseal able, I must place it between bottles to keep it upright.

GoPro Hero 12 Action Camera

The GoPro Hero 12 is a lot better than the later version of GoPro  This camera catches wider view, has stabilizer, time warp 3.0, 27 mp photo, 5K video, and others.  It has almost all you want in an action camera, design for shaky and underwater capturing, it has super smooth slo-mo, 10 bit color, clearer and louder video sound, and many more. For me this action camera is a better one compare to other brand, for video capturing and vlogging.