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Philippine Air Lines and Cebu Pacific Airlines Difference

Maintaining our body

It is said that prevention is much better than cure. How? We should know and particular about the food pyramid, the go , grow , and glow . The go foods are rice, cereals, bread, corn, and root crops. The grow foods are the meat, milk, eggs, nuts, fish, and butter. The glow foods are the different fruits and vegetables. We should eat plenty of go foods because it is our everyday source of energy, then minimal amount of glow foods, and little on grow foods. The different age group need different food and amount. The infant and children needs more go and grow foods for their growth years. Adult need more go and glow foods. There are recommended amount of daily food intake for different age group, but if we are not aware, let us be familiar with the vitamins and minerals content of certain food we eat.  But if we're not sure, let us just take a little amount of the food we seldom eat, because we're not sure if what will be its effect on us after taking it. Take this.. Every f