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Philippine Air Lines and Cebu Pacific Airlines Difference

Biointensive Gardening Techniques

The 8 elements of BIOINTENSIVE: • Double-Dug, Raised Beds – to create a healthy environment for roots and beneficial soil organisms • Composting – to provide healthy, inexpensive fertilizer that keeps the soil producing year after year • Intensive Planting – to maximize efficiency and productivity, and to conserve water • Companion Planting – to take advantage of the beneficial synergy between certain plants • Carbon Farming – growing fertilizer while growing food • Calorie Farming – growing the greatest number of calories per pound of food • The Use of Open-Pollinated Seeds – to encourage farmer independence and regional food security • A Whole-System Farming Method – using all aspects of the system to create a healthy, sustainable farm This means that, using GROW BIOINTENSIVE mini-farming techniques, small farmers can grow food using: • 67% to 88% less water. So they still may grow food in a drought, like the one taking place in Kenya right now. • 50% to 100% less pu

Things to Consider when Buying a Condo Unit

1. Location, location, location When buying real estate, condo units included, a major factor a potential buyer should consider is location, location, location. The location of the condo greatly affects, one, the potential of price appreciation and, two, access to conveniences. The Makati area, for instance, being the business center of the Philippines, has always proven to be a good investment area. At The Fort BGC, meanwhile, prices of real estate have skyrocketed in the last few years. Here’s an actual example. A friend paid P2.5 million for a condo located at McKinley Street inside The Fort BGC back in 2007. Just one year later, the going rate for the same unit is P3.5 million — a huge 40% price appreciation. Now, in 2017, similar units are being sold for P5 million. That’s a whopping 100% price increase! The location also determines accessibility to needed comforts and conveniences. If you value convenience, get a condo unit that has easy access to restaurants, schools, b

Best Philippine Stockbrokers

Stockbrokers play a critical role because all trades in the Philippine Stock Exchange have to be done through a broker. That’s why getting a good broker is as essential as making the correct investment choices. There are dozens of companies offering stock brokerage services in the Philippines. We summarize below 12 of the most popular online stock brokerage firms in the country. In the table below, we compare the broker’s commission, the minimum amount needed to open an account, and funding options offered by each broker.

How to invest in stock market in the Philippines

What are stocks? Stocks represent your share of ownership in a corporation. As a stockholder, you are considered a part-owner of the company. As part-owner, this means you have various rights in the company — including the right to vote the company’s Board members, the right to receive dividends, the right to inspect the books and financial records of the company, and the right to take part in the residual distribution of income, among others. How do I make money from stocks?

Apple is now the first $1 trillion company in history

Source Apple is the world's first publicly traded company to be valued at $1 trillion, the financial fruit of stylish technology that has redefined what we expect from our gadgets. The milestone reached Thursday marks the latest triumph of a trend-setting company that two mavericks named Steve started in a Silicon Valley garage 42 years ago. Apple's shares gained $5.89 to close at $207.39, leaving the company's market value a notch above

Companies for Franchising in the Philippines

Source List of Franchises by Industry Top Gas Station Franchises in the Philippines