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The difference between Luzon and Mindanao Tamarind

Tune Up Your Self

I have read different definition of tune up on web, but they're all related, the fact that they all pertains to one subject, the machine. The machine that is made up of iron, and function with the use of gasoline and oils. What I want to relate to you is a unique machine, our lifetime vehicle that moves us to anywhere, a machine that has no spare parts replacement. Our body is a machine that needs to be tune up, unlike machine that needs oil and gasoline, the body we have needs nutritious foods as source of energy and gas to function, and we need to use our body for activity, to tune it up we need to start slowly and moderately to avoid pain and accident. We must start from very simple thing we can do to be use to it, then the pacing is from slow to fast, the intensity is from moderate to difficult. Here are some activity to tune up our body; First, Let us start it with simple inhale exhale, we should prepare our heart and lung for any activity. Remember that our body needs ox

Be Careful with TV Commercials That Endorses Food.

Our children still doesn't know how to distinguish right or wrong. But everybody presume that everything we watch from TV is good. If you have observed, most of the things that was shown on TV commercials pertains on food. The food that was shown mostly if not junk, is grow food. The children develop interest on those foods especially that the one who act on it portrays delicious experience. So the children presume that it is a good food, because the one who act are healthy and enjoying in eating the food. But the truth is, the food they eat is not the kind of food we need daily, it is a kind of food that is less in nutrients and minerals. The food is a kind of food that should be eaten occasionally and not daily. Majority of can afford families serve food according to what their children like and not their needs. Parents do not follow what is essential and good for their family, but rather follow their children wants. We put to

The Hybrid Corn After Almost Two Months

The corn are now on its flowering stage, they are about eight feet in height and began to bare fruit.There are no problem regarding pest and diseases because it is a yield guard variety. We only need to provide the water until the fruit will mature and ready for harvest.  The corn besides our storage house..

Television Addiction Effect

The influence of media nowadays particularly television is so great. Almost everyone had been hooked up on TV from time of waking up till the time going to bed. Every one has their own program to watch  daily. Anywhere TV can be found, from home, workplace, office, bus, cellphone, and computer. Almost everywhere, the presence of TV can be notice. But what risk and danger does TV brings especially to our children who don't really understand its purpose? We presume that everything that was shown on are very good, if it reach the proper audience. But often that we can't control kids viewing, and some of us use TV as guide to control and consume the time of our kids so that they will not focus on other activities. TV addiction is develop from childhood to adulthood. There are instances that we skip meals, work, and others just to give time for our favorite program to watch.

The Almost Two Months Old Hybrid Corn.

I have here pictures of our corn that is about to bear flower, comparing them in height at other corn beside our lot. Showing you also our diesel engine generator, use to irrigate the corn. I'll show you everything we have, so that you'll also learn and acquire the knowledge of producing more corn.  I am five feet and ten inches, standing on the top of concrete post about five feet in height when I capture the picture of this corn field.

The Hybrid Corn, after one month and two weeks.

I updated the improvement of our corn production every week so that you will be notified and will proved that we are really capable of producing more harvest. By reading this, as a farmer you will get some idea of what to do to produce and gain more profit from farming. We're updated with the current prices of seeds, fertilizers, herbicides, gas, oils, and other expenses for operation. That is why we are guiding and teaching you process and proper way of raising and production of corn.