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Guaranteed More Harvest and Improved Soils for Better Farming

Red Hot Pepper F1 Problem Review

For almost a decade ago, red hot pepper F1 had gained its popularity among farmers who had chosen to produce vegetables and crops of high value. Due to the fact that almost all kinds of food that are served in our tables today need spices to enhance its taste, the demand of hot pepper goes high specially during rainy season and last quarter of the year to January. During peak season its price command from 800 to 1000 pesos every kilo, and will go down to as low as 15 pesos per kilo during the month of March to June. This year 2017, a lot of farmers had planted this red hot variety to shoot the high price of peak season, the seeds of red hot pepper had been out of stock in agricultural supply from May to July, because a lot of farmer had bought seeds to prepare for off season planting. The PROBLEM and Complain Despite the fact that the price of Red Hot F1 pepper is low during off season planting this year, here comes a big problem, the fruit of red hot is attack by a fungus that n

Hydroponic Gardening Soil less; Vegetables plant for Sale

hot pepper Lettuce

Hot pepper, Eggplant, String beans, Corn, and Papaya Production

Pictures below are crops that can be produced all year round. Want to know how to do it? Contact us, and we will be much willing to provide your need..