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They let me choose order from their screen

The Complete Guide of Producing Hot pepper, Tomato, and Eggplant production

Here is a complete guide and detailed direction of planting and producing hot pepper, eggplant, and tomatoes. Usually, smart farmers obtain information from books and agriculture magazine to start their project or farming activities, they believed that the stories and details they can obtain from those reading materials will help and guide them to have better and more harvest. The real fact is, the author is just relating the information he/she has obtain or what is related by the successful farmer in a very short period of time, and sometimes not all techniques used by the farmer will be related. I have tried reading books written by different authors, and have found out that the procedures they have written doesn't work well. I also tried subscribing magazine, but some procedures they have shared are hard to follow or is not suited to my place. Their benefits are inspiring and motivating us to become successful farmer.

Learning and Doing the Correct Process of Planting Vegetables in a Plastic bottle

 The need of planting and eating vegetables today is so important,  because vegetables are source of vitamins and minerals that helps our body fights diseases and become healthier. To be able to produce nice and bountiful harvest, you need to learn process by undergoing trial and failure if you did not yet experience and know the process. But wise vegetables grower follow wise grower who have already done with failure, and are now succeeding in the process. The video below was prepared to help interested and aspiring vegetable grower make the process of vegetables production at home easy.

Techniques on how to spray herbicide in hot pepper and tomato rows and hills

 Are you a farmer planting vegetables? We will help you by showing you the process of eliminating grass and weeds beside your plants if you are planting a wide area, by using chemical to control weeds, you will save a lot of labor, money, and time. But first, you need to watch carefully and practice the art of spraying, so that you will going to spray the target weeds and not your vegetables, it is not easy, but as you get the technique and process, you will see how fast and easy to control and eliminate weeds and grasses that disturb the growth of vegetables and absorb nutrients intended for your plants.