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Philippine Air Lines and Cebu Pacific Airlines Difference

What should you Do when you are diagnose with Cancer

 Do the following if you're diagnose with cancer; First, be calm, you will deny it, but it was already there. Pray or learn to pray if you don't know it. Fix your mind because it is not yet your end. Whatever stage you have as cancer patient, do this, panicking and denying will not help. Second, learn to accept your situation, don't blame anyone regarding your health status, because it will not help. If people will ask about your situation, tell them, don't keep or deny it, the truth will set you free, beside it will lessen your burden inside, you could tell or inform someone who can help you. Don't worry about your plans and future goals, you can still do them.  Third, learn about your case, seek medical advice and refer it to other doctors. Don't rely or be comfortable with one doctors opinion, get other doctor opinion. Ask other cancer patient, especially those who already survived, obtain wisdom from them, try or get their recommendation, it might work with

Cancer remedy and cure

We'll give you sure remedy for cancer, just begin to trust us. We nursed a cancer patient that getting well, just follow our advice and recommendations. You must read this article from start until the last part, if you think you need more to know, leave a comment below and we'll get in touch with you. A lot of people are now affected by cancer, young and old, male and female can be a cancer victim. A lot of cancer victim are dying because they don't have knowledge on how to handle the disease. Some victim and their love ones listen to others opinion and follow it. Some, just believed in themselves and let the days goes by then slowly deteriorating. Everyone should know that all of us can be a cancer victim if we don't take care and take note of what we are doing and eating. Not all food shown on TV eaten by people are safe for our consumption, we should always investigate and question the food we are eating and drinking. Observe the effects of food you are eating,