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Philippine Air Lines and Cebu Pacific Airlines Difference

House Dust Control Measures

Eliminate and control house dust through the following process, Keep the room of the allergy sufferer dust-free. Encase mattresses and pillows with soft plastic or use washable foams. Wash bed linens weekly in hot water. Remove stuffed toys or any dust collecting playthings. Do not store items under the beds. Keep furry pets away from the house. Remove rugs and carpets. Use damp cloth or damp mop after sweeping or vacuuming.

General Care for Psoriasis

What you need to do if you have Psoriasis, here it is; Remember that psoriasis is a treatable disease. Get 20-30 minutes exposure to sunlight regularly. Use emollients or moisturizers liberally. Bath in a coal tar bath at bedtime. Scrub scales off gently using a stiff brush. For scalp care, use coal tar shampoo. For nail care, remove debris under the nails gently and apply steroid cream. For psoriatic arthritis, splints and warm compress can be applied to affected joints.

What Causes Acne

What you must know to prevent and cure Acne. Hot, humid environment may clog sebaceous gland opening. Sun exposure can cause acne eruption. Sunscreen can cause comedones due to their heavy cream content. Oily or greasy cosmetics and hair treatments can exacerbate acne. Certain medicines like steroids, Vitamin B12, INH, and iodides can trigger acne formation. Acute, stressful situation can cause acne flare ups.

The Advantage of Standing

We all want sitting and laying down in bed. But do you know that is healthier to stand than to sit or lay down. Standing appears to be better for your health than sitting. Marc Hamilton and a team at University of Missouri Columbia found the recommended 30 minutes of exercise per day was not enough to counteract health problems caused by sitting and sleeping the other 23.5 hours. Their research suggests that after several hours sitting, our bodies shut down burning fat and cholesterol. Standing switches those metabolic functions back on, and calorie burning is effectively doubled. Picture source: Working at standing position facing the desk or pacing while talking on the phone may be practical first step toward better health. Article Source: Health and Home 2011 We offer FREE selling and business consultation, please click the link below,