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Philippine Air Lines and Cebu Pacific Airlines Difference

How to use Gibberellic Acid GA3

Gibberellic Acid is growth enhancer, booster, and plant energizer. It is sprayed as foliar fertilizer during growing, vegetative stage, and flowering/fruiting of plants. It can be used and applied during sunset and early in the morning to get the most efficient result. Its effect is far better than other foliar fertilizer available in market. How to use: The 10% Gibberillic acid tablet is good for 64 liters of water, it can be divided into four parts, the plus trace line in the picture will be the guiding line to divide it, one part is dissolve in a liter of water then pour it to a half filled 16liter container sprayer, then add water to sprayer to make it 16 liters. For better result use it

Upgrade your Level of Fun and Excitement

Come and explore the world of excitement, use these products, push your limits, make a difference in your outdoor activities, introduce a different adventure to your family, relatives, and friends. Be the first to use it and feel the thrill and delight. Take a closer look to this, it is absolutely new and different from your previous adventure. T his  inflatable zorb   is a very huge ball, a man can enter inside to roll, walk, and run while it floats on water. Imagine your position and situation being inside the ball, it is exciting isn't it, then how about letting your kids and love ones have this thing. You only have two options, leave it or missed it.