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The curving bus at Brussels Belgium

What our body needs

There are two things that we must know and maintain in having a good health; good nutrition and physical fitness. Good nutrition can be preserved and maintain by eating and consuming proper foods for our body, we must be particular that the food originally for our body to be consumed are fruits and vegetables. But due to the change of time, custom, and lifestyle the meat has been part of our diet as source of fats and protein. Then we became addicted in eating meat, that the the supposed to be small amount of meat to be consumed became more in quantity. Have you observed the tooth of herbivorous and carnivorous, the dog is carnivorous so it has a pointed teeth, and mammal who were eating plants have different sets of teeth for chewing. The carnivorous has pointed teeth because it was intended for tearing meat they chew as food, people don't have that kind of tooth because they we're destined to consume fruits and vegetables. The meat is not safe as food to consume because