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How much is the Needed Capital for One hectare Corn Production "Yellow Corn"

 If you're planning to plant corn, or you're already planting corn. Here are the things that you should know and consider that must be included in your budget. Don't missed to put or apply anyone that is recommended, so that your corn venture will be successful one, or your investment will be returned.  Today, the price of fertilizer is still going high, besides it has already have high price, applying fertilizer without knowledge of proper timing in application might result to lost, irrigation in proper time is also needed. The following video is a guide in planning and preparing your investment for corn production, please watch intelligently. Thank you. If you have question and inquiries, feel free to put your comment below, we'll be glad to answer your inquiries.

The Hybrid Corn, after one month and two weeks.

I updated the improvement of our corn production every week so that you will be notified and will proved that we are really capable of producing more harvest. By reading this, as a farmer you will get some idea of what to do to produce and gain more profit from farming. We're updated with the current prices of seeds, fertilizers, herbicides, gas, oils, and other expenses for operation. That is why we are guiding and teaching you process and proper way of raising and production of corn.