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Some Way to Prevent Alzheimer's Diseases

This disease attack and affect anybody, so be careful and should know anything about it to prevent it. The Super 7 Moves More research is needed to confirm whether there is a causal link between these seven key risk factors and Alzheimer's. But there are plenty of other good health reasons to make the following changes: 1. Get moving. Inactivity is linked to greater Alzheimer's risk, so go for a walk every day. Walking every day can keep your brain from shrinking, too. Find out how many miles you need to log to prevent shrinkage. 2. Don't smoke. Or quit if you do. Smoking may up the likelihood of Alzheimer's. Try the 31-day plan to kick the habit for good. 3. Eat more watermelon. Why? A compound in this juicy summer fruit can help lower your blood pressure by as much as nine points! And low blood pressure at middle age may help protect against Alzheimer's. Learn about 12 other foods and beverages that help control blood pressure.