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The curving bus at Brussels Belgium

Businesswoman, 29, hasn't eaten hot food for SEVEN years and says she's still mistaken for a teenager

Susan Reynolds, 29, eats nothing but raw fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds The Edinburgh entrepreneur says the diet is the reason for her good skin She says she doesn't miss eating junk food and gets no cravings for it Existing on a spartan diet of nuts, seeds, fruit and vegetables might not sound particularly appetising, but Susan Reynolds, 29, says it keeps her looking so young, she is regularly mistaken for a 16-year-old. Susan, who hails from Edinburgh, last ate cooked food seven years ago

How to prepare effective microorganisms EM

Control Odors and Flies 1 kilo ripen fruit (any fruit,the riper the better) not rotten 1 kilo molasses 1 litre clean water yeast and a little salt place in a jar (not glass) loose fitting lid(gas has to escape)and store in a cool dark place for 5-7 days after 5-7 days strain,place in a clean jar(not glass,plastic is better),glass jars have been known to explode under pressure.Mixture maybe good for 30 days. to use mix 1 tablespoon to 1 litre clean water and spray the goat flooring and under the goat house every week or 2 weeks on any other livestock area (pens and stalls) Forgot to say,if you want to use it on manure only,then spray direct (no mixing with water) weekly. This is only a very basic way of making EM-1,there are better methods of making it. Be careful because once the yeast starts to eat the sugars, gas will form and this is when it becomes unstable and the reason for no glass jars or containers,the lid has to be loose enough to allow the gas to escape.