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The curving bus at Brussels Belgium

The curving bus at Brussels Belgium

 The nice curving bus at Brussels Belgium, it was so nice to see, I don’t have the privilege to ride but the way I observe and look at it, it was an efficient and comfortable transportation, it accommodates more passengers and it is air conditioned though it is cool in their place. The drivers in that place are grateful and patience, they respect pedestrian crossing, they value human lives and avoid injuries.

The sweeper vehicle in Brussels Belgium

A vehicle that replaces the street sweeper. At first glance you will see an ordinary vehicle, but when I notice that it is slowly moving and there are movement and crushing noise under it, I behold and understand that it is an street sweeper that does the work of human street sweeper faster and better in lesser time.

The Effects of Continuous Hot Weather with No Rain Fall for Five months now

 The long hot weather that no rainfall for about five months had resulted to dam and rivers dried up. Water levels became deeper and drawing water from wells becomes difficult. Hopefully it will rain so th├ít vegetation will continue to grow and planting activities will resume again and continue.