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Efficascent Oil Effectiveness and Quality

  Filipino favorite massage oil for body aches and pains. In the past , I am using this oil, this is next to coconut oil before, it became popular to folks around the country especially the senior and old. The oil possess a nice smell and hot touch, a common relief to common body aches and pains. Today , this oil was still popular and commonly use by people in the Philippines. But the lid cap is so thin, that if you're not careful in opening it, it will be not reusable, the effect of the oil also is not that effective compare to the previous solution they prepare. That is why for me , I can't recommend it, the hot touch is only hot, it has a little healing and relieving power. The cap must be change with better one, the one that I bought is not reseal able, I must place it between bottles to keep it upright.

GoPro Hero 8 to GoPro Hero 12

The GoPro Hero 12 is a lot better than the later version of GoPro  This camera catches wider view, has stabilizer, time warp 3.0, 27 mp photo, 5K video, and others.  It has almost all you want in an action camera, design for shaky and underwater capturing, it has super smooth slo-mo, 10 bit color, clearer and louder video sound, and many more. For me this action camera is a better one compare to other brand, for video capturing and vlogging. 

Buyers who return their orders online

  Order online when you're decided to purchase, or make it non-cod to make sure that your order will be delivered.

Guide on How to Plant and Sustain String Beans

Here is what you need to know in planting and sustaining string beans for consumption and commercial. String beans is a year round vegetable, if you're planning to plant produce it for commercial purposes, you can start planting from May to July, where a lot of farm are planted with rice, but if you want catch the peak season, plant it on the third and fourth week of November, December and January in some part of Philippines is hard start or germinate string beans because it is cold season, that is why during the months of January to March the price of string beans is high. You need to prepare seeds, string, wire, wood and sticks to serve as trellis for climbing vines of string beans. You also need irrigation during the months where rain is seldom.  

The Complete Guide of Producing Hot pepper, Tomato, and Eggplant production

Here is a complete guide and detailed direction of planting and producing hot pepper, eggplant, and tomatoes. Usually, smart farmers obtain information from books and agriculture magazine to start their project or farming activities, they believed that the stories and details they can obtain from those reading materials will help and guide them to have better and more harvest. The real fact is, the author is just relating the information he/she has obtain or what is related by the successful farmer in a very short period of time, and sometimes not all techniques used by the farmer will be related. I have tried reading books written by different authors, and have found out that the procedures they have written doesn't work well. I also tried subscribing magazine, but some procedures they have shared are hard to follow or is not suited to my place. Their benefits are inspiring and motivating us to become successful farmer.

The Complete Guide for Planting and Sustaining Rice Production

  Things that you must know and needed to prepare in order to have a successful rice production in your farm. Rice production for direct seeded and transplanted rice. Cultural practices that are still suitable in rice production. Hybrid Inbreed BUY 3K FERTILIZER Rice Production Guide and Procedures    The Philippines main crop during rainy season is rice, and Filipinos are rice eating people, that is why the demand of rice is high. There are several varieties of rice available in the country today, there are a lot of it in the province of Nueva Ecija, the Philippine’s rice granary.   There are two ways of planting rice; 1.       Direct seeding- directly sow in the field, sustain and nurture it until harvest. 2.       Transplanted- sow in a seedbed first, then transplanted after 15-30 days.   Select rice seeds suited for the period, climate, and soil texture of the farm. Find the seeds of your choice, be sure to obtain them from good source. Prepare your inputs; seeds, fertilizer

Making Your Corn Grow Faster and Healthier

Here is your guide on how to grow corn faster and healthier, making your investment count. Planting and producing corn is easy, but knowing the proper method of maintaining and sustaining the corn will be better. You need to know the timing and frequency of fertilizing and irrigating. To gain and harvest more in planting corn, you need to learn the proper timing of application of fertilizer, others are applying more fertilizer to harvest more, but putting more inorganic fertilizer will make your soil acidic and fertilizer dependent to make your plants grow faster and taller. Start using organic fertilizer to back up inorganic fertilizer, you can try our method in producing more corn. The time had change, before, BT corn is insect resistant, now the insects had become resistant to BT corn, so we need to protect them with insecticide. Granular insecticide before is effective to control insects, now, that granular insecticide isn't effective to control corn insects. If you want to be