The Needs and Essence of Gardening.

I would like to share you the different aspects needed in gardening. Raising and producing foods start in having small garden. The improvement of varieties and kinds of plants we produce and consume also start in a garden. I am posting results of what we have in the farm, and I think that there are some of you dear readers out there who would like to try and enjoy gardening. It is unfair for me to post result here without telling how I have done it, so little by little I will be imparting knowledge and technique we have in producing different crops. This blog was intended to inform and help you produce more food, because I believed that the main problem that everybody has right now is to where we can find source of food we must have to sustain our body needs daily.

The Needs

  1. You don't need to own a large parcel of land to start gardening. You only need a small part of land where seeds, cuttings, tubers, crowns, slips, and other planting materials could be planted. If you don't have small part of land, you could use containers to fill soil, plant any planting materials that may fit in and is suitable to grow within.
  2. You need containers or small area to be utilize for planting.
  3. You need an area that is expose to the sunlight all day, because we all know that plants need sunlight. 
  4. If you have only an small area, the shovel, rake, knife, bolo, string, measuring stick, cutter, wire, sprayer, wheelbarrow, and other materials is enough to have a vegetable garden.
  • shovel is for digging soil.
  • rake is for leveling the soil.
  • knife is for cutting planting materials. 
  • bolo is for clearing and cutting.
  • string is for having an straight line.
  • measuring stick is for having accurate width and length of distance apart.
  • cutter is for container preparation if we'll use plastics.
  • wire is for fixing containers in place.
  • sprayer will be used to protect plants from insects and fungi.
  • wheelbarrow for carrying and transferring.

Here are some way on how to use containers and areas for gardening.