Television Addiction Effect

The influence of media nowadays particularly television is so great. Almost everyone had been hooked up on TV from time of waking up till the time going to bed. Every one has their own program to watch  daily. Anywhere TV can be found, from home, workplace, office, bus, cellphone, and computer. Almost everywhere, the presence of TV can be notice.

But what risk and danger does TV brings especially to our children who don't really understand its purpose? We presume that everything that was shown on are very good, if it reach the proper audience. But often that we can't control kids viewing, and some of us use TV as guide to control and consume the time of our kids so that they will not focus on other activities. TV addiction is develop from childhood to adulthood. There are instances that we skip meals, work, and others just to give time for our favorite program to watch.

The TV addiction is unhealthy, especially that it controls our mind and develop slow capacity to think and solve problem. We must control our time and our self in watching TV. Select program to watch, and listen to what is needed and important. If you can do it, disregard TV and substitute it with other activity and program that will profit you physically, morally, and financially.

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