Producing and sustaining much lady finger or OKRA

 There are a lot of vegetables to choose if you want to gain more profit in farming, one of which is the lady finger, or Okra. During the last quarter of every year, all vegetables command high in price. Okra can be harvested daily or thrice a week, and the price of okra ranges from 5-60 pesos per kilo, but during Ber months sometimes 30-70 per kilo, so let say you have one fourth hectare okra, during the first three weeks you will harvest 100 kilos every other day, and after one month you will going to harvest 200 kilos every other day, if the price is 30 per kilo, 300 every bundle, three thousand every picking, and gross income of nine thousand every week, and times two during the second month of picking. How will you like to plant okra? Please watch the video.