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Best Foliar Fertilizers Organic and Inorganic

            Buy 3K Fertilizer

Put back the original fertility of your soil using organics and probiotics, use 3k fertilizer to fill your soil with probiotics to obtain amazing result to your harvest and profits.

Planting materials like seeds and cuttings can be soak to Anaa solution for 15 minutes for faster germination and growth, continue to spray Anaa solution or drench it weekly for faster growth and development. For best result apply fertilizer and spray Anaa with 3k fertilizer weekly after irrigating for amazing results. Anaa can be mixed to insecticide and fungicide, follow guide and direction for better result

Power Grower Combo has an especial formulation that makes plant hungry, and will absorb all the available nutrients from the soil, making the plant grow bigger faster, it makes corn more sweeter, vegetables and fruits grow and develop faster as a result of weekly application. It can be mixed with other foliar, insecticide, and fungicides.

Heavy weight tandem is a foliar fertilizer that is rich in potassium, its potassium content enables the plant bear more fruits, it is sweeter and heavier. It is a perfect fruiting foliar for rice, corn, mango, water melon, eggplant, string beans, calamansi, rambutan, lansones, grapes, and others. It is perfectly combined with Anaa, 3k fertilizer, and insecticides.

Vibitall is a especial formulation for sugarcane, corn, and other slow growing plants. It is formulated to supply the plants need for growth and height extension. Apply it 10-15 days, and repeat after 7 days for best result, always apply fertilizer and irrigation before spraying or application.

This product will increase the effect and efficiency of your insecticide, foliar fertilizer, and herbicide.
Less worry when it rains after your application.
It's effect will last up to 5 days.
It is easy to apply, 
Available in our Lazada Store.

Or you can order and pay to our GCash or BDO account, pay first then J&T will deliver your orders.

GCash: 09153518241   BDO: 005510085631



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