Health Determiners

What contributes to long life and healthy living? This is a question for everybody. Because every one is interested to live longer and posses good health. But how could one obtained both good health and longer years of living?

Here are some determinants that should be considered and observe carefully;

  1. Environment. Our environment tells how healthy we are, showing the quality of air we inhale daily and the kind of environment that sustain and maintain our good health. A nice and healthy environment not only encourages healthy living but a happy moments as well.
  2. Medical care that is available. The medical care is one of the most important need, because we're not excuse or exempt to any disease, accident, and illness. So it is so important that we must have an access to the most recent and updated technology for medical care.
  3. Genetics or heredity. We can't choose parent, so the chances of having their cancer and hypertension is very big.
  4. Lifestyle. It is the trend that we follow and maintain because we are imitators and lazy.
The first two can be improved, if we work hard and earned high income we can avail of good environment and appropriate medical care. The third can't be modified, but if we are careful and vigilant to the signs, we can lessen its worse effect or outcome. The fourth is the most modifiable and controlled. We can shift from higher to lower risk if we are really willing to maintain and sustain good health.

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